Blast From The Past - November 25, 2022


10 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 2012)

Sigma Beta Phi Sorority members presented a check to Grant County Community Fund as part of the Grant County Gives Campaign.

20 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 2002)

Gibson's Discount Center, located at 515 E. Oklahoma, announced it was closing its doors after being opened since 1971.

30 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1992)

Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital Auxiliary announced they had received the highest award, the Gold Award from the State Hospital Auxiliary of Kansas.

40 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1982)

It was announced that a five-member Chinese Swine Team would be in Southwest Kansas from the Peoples Republic of China.

50 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1972)

Local resident Beth Watson participated in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Watson marched and played as a member of the 1972 McDonald's All-American High School Band.

60 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1962)

Construction of the new helium plant east of Ulysses by Cities Services Helex, Inc., was about one-third complete, and Lee Hazen, pleaded guilty in justice court to two counts of bootlegging whiskey.

70 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1952)

Ulysses took second in the Southwest Kansas Football League, when they tied with Syracuse 12-12.

80 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1942)

Pupils from the four lower grades of the Ulysses Grade School presented an operetta, "Good Neighbors to the South" .

90 years ago

(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1932)

Residents were able to attend a dance at the Legion Hall for a 75 cent admission fee. They danced to the rhythm of Marguerite Brown's Orchestra.

100 years ago
(Week of Feb. 20-26, 1922

Lots were sold at public auction in the new town of Woods, located on the Kansas and Oklahoma railroad, 14 miles northwest of Liberal and 13 miles east of Hugoton.


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