Nurses Update Board with Annual Report


The USD 214 School Board met on Monday, June 13, 2022 with all members in attendance.

The consent agenda and the bills were approved unanimously. There was no non-action public forum and no correspondence.

Director of Student Learning Kevin Warner presented information on the new English Language Arts implementation. Warner shared that 49 teachers have been trained thus far in the new program. The year four KSHSAA process was completed and the report was good. The state assessments are in and the results are now available digitally for students and parents to check their scores. Warner expects the 10th grade math assessment results will be in late fall. The school district is improving from pre-pandemic. Warner shared that what the district is doing is working and they are working towards improvement in student learning.

Superintendent Dave Younger shared that the school made $840.00 on Purple Wave selling a couple of ovens, some chain link fence, and a trailer. For the annual garage sale, the school made $396.00 selling items from the warehouse. Younger said that there is expected to be a ten cent increase in the school meals this school year. Younger also said that for the next meeting, the board will need to decide if they will keep meeting at Kepley Middle School or move back to the board room as well as go over the July consent agenda.

For new business the head school nurse Ruby Romero addressed the board to give the year update. Romero shared that there were 4 registered nurses at the beginning of the year and now the school district is down to two registered nurses. Sarah Morris is the high school and Sullivan Elementary nurse, while Romero covers Hickok and Kepley. Romero shared that they hired Natalie Flores as nurse secretary. The school nurses help educate students by doing health prevention and education. The nurses also make sure the school is compliant with state requirements (screenings, health, dental, vision and hearing), as well as immunizations. The school nurses also partner with local providers to ensure quality care for students. Romero shared that by state regulations, students are required to have certain immunizations to attend school. As of now, there are 13 students who are exempt from immunizations which is less than one percent, so overall a good report. Romero said that last year the number of student covid cases was 125 and this year the number of cases was 281. In 2021 the Kansas Department of Health and Environment gave the school a grant for supplies and help for testing students, staff, and family members during the pandemic. Romero shared that the nurses did a total of 1,408 tests during this school year. Out of those tests, 150 came back positive. The nurses started testing for the flu in January of this year. Romero said that there are more funds available through KDHE for covid and flu testing for the upcoming school year. Romero shared that the school partnered with Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital for free sports physicals in June and 234 students got their sport physicals done. There were no ambulance calls for the school year, Sarah Morris shared that there is a training August 31 and September 1 with the Kansas Highway Patrol to detect illegal and legal substances in students. Romero said that they had nominated Dave Younger for an award and he will receive it in July at the Kansas school Nurse conference. Board President Clay Scott thanked the nurses for all their hard work.

In old business, the board went over the Impact Ulysses presentation from last month. Kristi Anderson was present to formally ask for funding from the school board. Scott tabled the Impact Ulysses presentation for next month’s meeting.

Younger shared the field house is still on track to be finished September 8, 2022. Younger said that the bricks have arrived, the barrier wrap is on and the trusses are ready to be put on.

Younger also stated that they will know more after Thursday about the HVAC update in the schools.

For action items, the board discussed the applications received for the Grant County Recreation Board opening. Board member Ron Smith moved to reappoint Josh Eddie to the GCRC board. The motion was passed unanimously.

The authorization to transfer funds was moved and passed by the board.

After an executive session, the board accepted the resignations of Alice Keeler at UHS and Xavier Rodriguez at Sullivan. The board offered contracts to Jeri Howard at UHS, Karen Wilkerson at UHS and Toni Martin at Sullivan.

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, July 11, 2022 at 7:00pm at Kepley Middle School.


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