Writer Deems Musical as 'Magnificent'

Musical Review


"The Addams Family Musical" opened to a large and energetic audience.  Students of Ulysses High School put on a truly magnificent performance full of humor, good singing, and great talent.  Costumes were artistically created and made the cast of characters immediately recognizable from both the television series and the movies of The Addams Family

The set design gave way to immediate recognition of familiar places within the Addams family mansion. 

The setting focused around the Central Park, New York City mansion where Wednesday Addams would be entangled in the web of love.  Her father, Gomez Addams, faced the dilemma of keeping the secret from his wife, Morticia, of his daughter’s engagement until the right moment when Wednesday and Lucas planned to announce the wedding. 

It was a delightful evening without one dull moment.  From the time of first walking into the lobby of the school the scene was set for a terrific performance, and a terrific performance it was.

One thing is for sure, Ulysses has some wonderful young talent! 


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