Grant County EMTs 'Pig Out' On Education


Since January, Grant County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has been in the process of conducting an Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (A-EMT) course.

Sarah Krueger, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DMV) from Ulysses Veterinary Hospital, paid a visit to students for an in-depth lesson in human anatomy on Saturday, February 24. Krueger and students utilized small pigs, which have a similar anatomy to humans. “The pigs were intubated and dissected to allow students to associate various organs with their prospective location within the body, how they affect other organs in a trauma situation, or their impact involving medical issues that students may be exposed to” explained Grant County EMT Robert Stamey. “The class was successfully enjoyed and received by the students.” Nicole Edmisson, Beatriz Miravete, Jace Garrison, Guillermo Guevara, Shawn Galloway, and Sadie Wilson are all EMT’s enrolled in the class to increase their skills, including: IV therapy, cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies, and other various traumatic or medical conditions that occur in Grant County.

Following course and training completion, students will be eligible to test for State and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certifications. “This will provide Grant County residents with a continuing higher level of emergency medical services, that the county has come to enjoy,” said Stamey.

“We would like to give thanks to our sponsoring organization Grant County EMS and Director Jeff Baier,” shared Stamey. “We also want to thank Barb Groomer for organizing and coordinating the entire five-month class. Also, our thanks goes to Sarah Krueger (DVM) of Ulysses Veterinary Hospital for assisting with the anatomy session. A special thanks goes to Ken Groomer for preparing lunch for the class.”

A-EMT students are expected to finish the course in May.


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