The Ulysses High School Fall Homecoming candidates were recently announced from the senior class. Queen candidates this year are: Ashley Alvarez, Lexi Hittle, Sara Watson and Rocio Baeza. King candidates are: Angel Aguilar Cano, Hayden Graber, Uriel Ortiz, and Carmelo Daneil Orosco.

The King and Queen for 2023-24 will be announced as part of the homecoming activities tomorrow, Friday, September 15, at Ulysses High School Tiger Stadium. The Tigers will be taking on the Holcomb  High School Longhorns with game action set to kick off at 7 p.m.

The candidates were asked to provide a little information about themselves prior to the game. Their answers are as follows:

Ashley Alvarez

Ulysses High School senior Ashley Alvarez is the daughter of Gladis and Humberto Alvarez. She has two siblings: Humberto, 21; and Edwin, 8. She is active in HALO, Ambush and SAFE. Some of her hobbies include painting, playing basketball, and soccer.

"The person I admire most is my brother, Humberto," Alvarez said. "He pushes me to be the best I can be. He has always been there for me when I need him and has taught me that hard work may not pay off right away, but it does pay off."

One of Alvarez's favorite memories during her time at Ulysses High School involved a special "dress up" day.

"One of my favorite memories at UHS was when we had to bring anthing but a backpack to school," she said. "My friend, Julia, and I had brought the little carts from Ace."

Her favorite thing about UHS is the ability to go out for lunch. Her favorite subject in school is math.

"I like solving problems and trying new ways to solve them," she said.

Alvarez says if she could have one superpower, it would be teleportation.

After high school, she plans to continue her education and attend Garden City Community College to get an Associate's Degree in science. Her plans include studying sonography.

What is the best advice she has ever received?

"To be patient - everything comes with time," Alvarez said.

Hayden Graber

Ulysses High School senior Hayden Graber is the son of Cody and Kristina Graber. He has three siblings: Dylan, Delaney, and Taren.

Graber is active in FFA, Pep Club, Ambush, SAD, FCA, track, basketball, Interact, Musical, band, jazz band, and the United Methodist Church youth group. He enjoys playing basketball, guitar, recording TikToks and taking pictures.

"(The people) I admire most are my parents for all of their love and support and providing all the things I need to be successful," Graber said, adding that the best advice he has ever received from anyone is to be slow to anger and be understanding, but don't let people walk all over you.

Graber's plans for the future are centered around music.

"I'm planning on going to college and getting a music production degree," he said. "I am looking at the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma in Oklahoma City.

His favorite thing about UHS is the people, participating in pep band and playing the quad drums.

"My favorite subject in high school is creative writing because it gives me more time to write songs," Graber said.

His favorite memory during his time at UHS is playing board games in Honors English with Ethan, Colton and Karson.

He says if he had a superpower, it would be to fly, because Superman was his favorite super hero when he was growing up.

Rocio Baeza

Senior Rocio Baeza is the daughter of Mireya and Ramiro Salais. She has three siblings: Freddy, 32; Michael, 24; and Jocelin, 21. Baeza is very active in Interact, STUCO, the Ambush, softball, SAFE and powerlifting. She enjoys lifting weights, playing softball, and painting in her spare time.

Who does she admire most?

"I admire my parents," Baeza said. "I admire them because no matter what, they've always worked so hard to give me everything and have supported me through thick and thin."

Her favorite memory while at UHS was sitting in the student section after a basketball game. Her favorite thing about UHS is "the people, her friends, her peers - everyone." Her favorite subject is math.

"I love math, because of my teachers and how it was easy to learn," she said.

If she had a superpower, Baeza said she would like the ability to travel back in time.

"To see how different life was back in time," she added.

The best advice Baeza says she has ever received is about change.

"Who you are today is not the same person you'll be in five years," she said.

Carmelo Daniel Orosco

Senior Carmelo Orosco is the son of Amy and Daniel Orosco. He has five siblings: Leya, 19; Malikah, 15; Emilina, 12; Noah, 12; and Serenity, 10.

He is active in football, wrestling, Uncommon Leadership, FCA, HALO, The Ambush, and attends Oasis Church in Ulysses. His hobbies include football, wrestling, spending time with his loved ones (Nata), and "helping his momma pick up and put in her for sale sign/sold signs".  He says he "loves to spend time" with his family and playing on his Xbox.

The people he most admires are his parents.

"They are the most hardworking people I know," Orosco said. "They never give up on me and always push me to be the best and never allow me to quit."

His favorite memory while at UHS is when the class of 2024 beat the class of 2023 in the tug of war competition.

Orosco says if he could have a super power it would be super strength.

In the future, he plans to attend a technical college.

"I plan to study a two-year electrical technology program," Orosco said.

The best advice anyone has ever given him is "never back down. Never what? Never give up!"

Orosoco says his favorite thing about Ulysses High School was being "around such a positive atmosphere during school."

His favorite subject is public speaking, because it is "an easy thing to do for me."

Sara Watson

UHS Senior Sara Watson is the daughter of Darren and Janet Watson. She has one sibling: Jessie, 22.

While in high school, Watson is busy with Interact, volleyball, STUCO, NHS, Uncommon Leadership, 4-H, and Shelton Memorial Christian Church Youth Group.

She enjoys reading, crocheting, spending time outside, volleyball, and hanging out with her friends.

The person Watson says she admires the most is her grandpa, Jeff Watson.

"He is hardworking and has always been a great teacher to me," she said.

Her favorite memory while at UHS is a game played at Hugoton and they "got to throw flowers." Her favorite thing about UHS is working as an office aid.

"My favorite subject in school is English," Watson said. "I love to read and I like to improve my essay writing."

If Watson had a super power, she says she would like it to be telekineses.

"I think it would be really cool to move things with my mind," she said.

Her future plans include attending college.

"It will most likely be Fort Hays, but I'm still undecided," Watson said. "I'm also still undecided with my major."

The best advice that she has already received is "the best achievements come from the hardest struggles."

Uriel Ortiz

UHS Senior Uriel Ortiz is the son of Sylvia and Ricardo Ortiz. He has one sibling, Luis, 15.

Ortiz is involved with football, power lifting, track, baseball, Uncommon Leadership, NHS, and the Ambush.

He enjoys weight lifting, playing catch, going on walks, playing saxophone, and sometimes playing mortal Kombat as Sub Zero.

The people Ortiz admires the most are his parents.

"They work hard and raised me to be who I am today," Ortiz said. "They push me to be the best man I can be."

His favorite memory of UHS is spaghetti dinners with Chase, Landy, and Gustavo; and his favorite thing about UHS is "finally getting to go out for lunch" and getting to be a part of the student section. His favorite subject at school is math.

"I have taken it all four years," Ortiz said. "I like it because it is interesting and fun to apply to the real world."

If he had the ability to have a superpower, Ortiz said he would like to have teleportation.

"So I can go whereever I want and get rid of long car rides," he said. "And, so I don't have to pay for gas anymore."

His future plans include attending Pratt Community College and take the lineman program. He plans to eventually come back home or move to Texas.

The best advice he has ever received from someone is to always think about what is best for you and not let anyone put you down."

Lexi Hittle

Lexi Hittle is the daughter of Jen and Scott Hittle.

She has two siblings: Preston, 15, who is a sophomore; and Britnee, 14, who is in the eighth grade.

Hittle is involved in volleybally, powerlifting, youth group, Resist and Replace, College Ambassador Club (her sophomore year), Ambush, FCA, NHS, SADD, Uncommon Leadership, Interact, Junior Leadership (her junior year), and the Student Advisory Council.

She enjoys weightlifting, shopping, and hanging out with her friends.

The people she admires the most are her parents.

"They both have taught me so many life lessons and have always pushed me to be the best version of myself," Hittle said.

Her favorite memory at UHS involves sports.

"I love going to basketball and football games and participating in the student section," Hittle said.

Her favorite thing about UHS is spirit week, pep rallies, games, and other events, because of the "pride and hype." Her favorite subject in school is history.

"I like learning about our country's past," she said.

If she had the ability to have a super power, Hittle said she would like to have the "power of immunity."

"So that I would never get sick and wouldn't have to worry about peanuts," Hittle said.

Her plans for the future include attending Washburn University.

"I plan to major in psychology," Hittle said. "Later on, I will earn a master's degree in psychology."

The best advice she has ever received came from her parents.

"My parents told me to never care about what other people think about me," Hittle said.

Angel Aguilar Cano

Angel Cano is the son of Marisela and Jose Angel Aguilar.

He has one sibling, Denise Aguilar Cano, 14.

He is involved in cross country, wrestling, power lifting, track, swimming, Halo, NHS and attends Mary Queen of Peace church.

He enjoys lifting weights, playing games and going out with his family.

The person he admires the most is his mother.

"She's always motivating me in school and cheering me on at sports," Cano said. "She helps me have an open mind and is always there for me."

His favorite memory at UHS is going to prom and and Project Prom. His favorite thing about UHS is being able to go out for lunch and his favorite subject is math, because he can "easily understand it."

If he had the ability to have a super power, Cano says he would like to be able to be "very fast like the Flash."

His future plans include attending Garden City Community College.

"I plan to study business management, entrepreneur and eventually get my real estate license," Cano said.

The best advice he has ever received is that "anything is possible as long as you believe and have faith."


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