Life in the Headlights

"We need to get back to respect"


The world, as we all know it, is not the same. And why do you suppose that is?

Working in the media, I see things. And I don't like what I have been seeing.

I have said it before - modesty, morals and doing what's right seems to have flown out the proverbial window. Women are going out in public wearing what they call fashion when most often it really couldn't even be called clothing with how little it covers.

Language? Utilizing foul language is common place now - nothing appears to be off limits no matter whose ears are present and listening in.

We are in a world of "I'm entitled" and "it's my right" and "I am free to be me." And the ironic thing - all of that is true; however, how far that is being taken is not okay.

I really do hate to sound like an "old fuddy duddy"; however, when there were boundaries, rules, expectations - I have to wonder if our world would be better off if we "toed the line" a little more and perhaps didn't practice so much "freedom".

Freedom - we all have rights. Rights which have been secured by men and women who put everything on the line so we could have those rights. 

I appreciate the rights they have sacrificed so much for us to have. But I will add to that thought process... If they sacrificed that  much for us, I think the least we could do is be respectful with those freedoms. Just because we have the freedom to do so, does not mean we should take those freedoms to the extreme.

We have the freedom to speak - but we should tender that speech with common sense, respectfulness and maybe even some empathy depending on the situation.

We have the freedom to dress as we please - but we should tender that with self respect, respect for others, modesty, etc. - depending on the situation.

We have the freedoms - but in everything we do we should always tender that with the difference between right and wrong. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that. We have gotten so wound up about what our rights are that we have a blatant disregard for the rights of others. We have started choosing what is wrong over what is right.

We need to get to the basics. We need to get back to common sense. We need to get back to respect not only for ourselves, but those around us.


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