UHS Gears Up for Homecoming


In the past, and some may still do that today, many schools have selected their homecoming candidates through only a voting process. The road to being homecoming royalty at Ulysses High School, however, is one which requires perspective students to meet certain criteria.

According to a spokesperson for Ulysses High School, the criteria is the same this year as that outlined last year by UHS English as a Second Language Instructor Theresa Gray.

There is still voting involved, seniors at UHS still vote on who they want to have as the candidates; however, those candidates must meet the following:

- Be involved in two or more activities.

- Have at least a 2.5 GPA or higher.

- Be in good standing with KSHSSA.

- Have attended UHS at least one semester prior to being selected as a candidate.

And there is another criteria factored in - those selected as candidates have to be okay with being chosen.

"The kids have a say in it," Gray explained in an interview last year. "I wlil send a form out to them if they are voted to be a candidate, and if they say yes, they want to be a candidate, then they are."

The qualification criteria for each candidate is also confirmed by staff at the school.

"Some may qualify in every way; however, they decline to be a candidate," Gray said in her interview last year. "Sometimes the kids don't even want their name to be on the ballot as a candidate."

Voting, which is done electronically via email and Google, isn't over when seniors select who they would like, when candidates are confirmed to meet the criteria and have accepted the nominations, voting will once again be done by students from the other classes.

According to Gray, voting in this manner makes it better, because the votes don't have to be counted manually.

Ulysses High School's Queen and King will be announced February 9 at the end of the girls' varsity game. Should one of the candidates be a player on the team, they have a choice: accept the honor in their uniform or change to homecoming attire.

Gray noted last year that when a player opts to change - there are several on hand to "make it happen" in the short time available.

"If they don't want to wear their uniform," Gray explained. "They may leave the game a little early, unless they are still needed on the court. We have the coaches office located right here near the court for them to change in."

Gray noted candidates typically have a team of people who come down to assist them with getting ready.

Parents of the candidates will have tables set up at the game depicting something about their child.

Basketball homecoming festivities include Spirit Week, which started Monday, February 5 and will conclude on Friday, February 9. Themes are selected each day for "dressing up" and this year were: Monday, PJ Day; Tuesday, Surfer vs Biker / BBQ Dad vs Soccer Mom; Wednesday, Red Carpet Day; Thursday, Twin Day; and Friday, Crazy Orange and Black Day.

This year's homecoming game will be a matchup with the Scott City Beavers with games beginning at 4:30 p.m.

Gray has been heading up the homecoming festivities since coming to work at USD214 in 2007. At that time, she was the STUCO sponsor.

When the voting was done for this year's homecoming court, queen candidates are: Marisella Meraz, Addie Manzano, Cindy Cortez, and Olivia Hill. King candidates are: Carsen Walker, Danzel Mendez, Braysen Salinas, and Anthony Mendoza.


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