Voice Of The Student - May 23, 2022


Innocence Lost

The innocence of youth

A distant memory

Victims of War


Caught in the crossfire

Their lives destroyed

And situation dire

It does not matter

Their pain


When the goal is to

Gain power

A story repeated

Stemmed from greed

The need for more

No matter the cost

Even the price of

innocent lives lost

A lesson never learned

Doomed to repeat



The innocent are often victims of the violence of war caused by others. Caught in the crossfire of two opposing forces others not affiliated are dragged in and suffer. Wars fought over power and greed always repeat. The cycle of pain and struggle for power never seems to end.


Jaden Manzano is a recent graduate of UHS and a student from Mrs. Pfingsten’s English class. She is the daughter of Juan and Michelle Manzano.


Each week, in collaboration with UHS teacher Jodi Pfingsten, the Ulysses News will feature a student column in this space. Student writings are submitted by Mrs. Pfingsten after being edited in class. Student subjects and writing styles will vary based on the guidelines set forth by Mrs. Pfingsten and the Ulysses News.


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