Stringham Accepted Onto Board For Viewers Like You


In March, Pioneer Communications Marketing Supervisor Kyle Stringham came across a social media post from Smoky Hills Public Broadcasting Station (SHPBS) asking for individuals interested in becoming a board member. Stringham decided to submit a resume and wait for a response.

Shortly thereafter, a concensus, by current board members, was made to make Strigham one of their own. In May, Stringham became one of fourteen members of the SHPBS Board of Directors.

Collectively, the board handles a variety of tasks. "My responsibility, along with all members of the board, it to oversee the financial, governance, and operations of the corporation," explained Stringham. For management of employees and daily operations, a General Manager is hired by the board.

Stringham's passion for television has been lively for decades, stemming from his childhood. "Even as a youngster, I was fascinated with the art and tech of TV and movies," said Stringham. "We all know how integral TV has become to the American consciousness, and I’d like to see it used to inform as well as entertain, and that’s what Public Television does." Building his television knowledge further, Stringham went on to attain an audio and video production skill set when he joined the United States Army at 20-years-old.

After being stationed in West Point, N.Y., not only did Stringham find his future career, but the love of his life. Marcy, a fellow veteran, had also been stationed in West Point at the time. Upon deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, the couple eventually moved to Frankfurt, Germany before settling closer to Marcy's parents, Ken and Pat Kistler, in Grant County.

Gibson's Discount Center, a department store from Ulysses's past, became Stringham's first employer during his first year as a resident of southwest Kansas. From there, he transitioned to Pioneer Electric for five years before finding his way to Pioneer Communications in 1998. "I used my video production skills acquired in the US Army to produce TV ads for Pioneer’s cable TV system, as well as in-house long-form videos," shared Stringham. "I’ve done that for 25-plus years now and in that time, I’ve had a working relationship with Smoky Hills Public TV and have always admired their mission to provide high quality programming."

Considering the launch of SHPBS in 1978, it is a wonder how modern television stacks up against streaming giants across the globe. "It’s crucial to strive to provide a non-biased stream of information and entertainment, possibly now more than ever," Strigham explained. "There’s many, many media outlets competing for everyone’s time and attention, and I’m pleased that Public Television does a very good job staying in a truth position as opposed to an influence position."

When Stringham is away from his technological duties, he and his wife, Marcy, enjoy traveling and visiting their children: Seth, 36, who lives in Kansas City, Jared, 34, who lives in Oklahoma City, and Clarke, 29, who lives in Wichita.

Moving forward, Stringham expressed hopefulness "to continue and expand the reach and effectiveness of a very talented and dedicated staff and volunteers and I expect that my tenure will show that I always had a mindset of service and respect".


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